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Guidelines to avoid hate-mail for tumblr moms:

1. Avoid discussing your financial situation on tumblr. If you admit to living with your parents, or not having enough money to do things on your own…you’ll get hate mail.

2. Avoid admitting to being on any government programs. Medicaid, WIC, HUD, etc. People will feel entitled to tell you how awful you are for mooching off the the government, and how you’re taking up their tax dollars. Even if you need these things, and using them correctly. You’ll get hatemail.

3. If you’re formula feeding, don’t mention it. You’ll get hatemail. 

4. If you’re breastfeeding, don’t mention it. You’ll get hatemail.

5. If you’re planning on circumcising your son, or already have circumcised your son… do not mention this. You’ll get hatemail.

6. If you’re vaccinating, you’ll get hatemail.

7. If you’re not vaccinating, you’ll get hatemail. 

8. If you’re hoping for a certain gender, or a little disappointed that you didn’t get the gender you were hoping for… you’ll get hatemail.

9. Stay away from tagging things as “teenage pregnancy”. Dumb trolls will find you…and you’ll get hate mail.

10. Avoid tagging anything because someone will somehow find a problem with it and send you hatemail.

11. If you’ve had a miscarriage, you better be really good at making it seem believable. Otherwise, you’ll get hatemail.

12. Do not admit to any use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol while pregnant. Even if it was before you knew you were pregnant. You’ll get a shitton of hatemail. 

13. If you use disposable diapers, you’ll get hatemail.

14. If you spank your child, you’ll get hatemail

15. If you don’t spank your child, you’ll get hatemail.

16. Any form of discipline you use, or lack of discipline… you’ll get hatemail.

17. If you don’t know the gender/are keeping the gender a surprise and therefore refer to your baby as “it” instead of constantly referring to it as “he/she” or “him/her” ….you’ll get hatemail. 

18. If you’re circumcising your son don’t mention it, you’re a child mutilator.

19. If you’re not circumcising your son don’t mention it, you’re a whackjob.

…That’s all I’ve thought of for now. Feel free to add anymore. I think it’s ridiculous how many things we would have to avoid talking about freely because we might get someone harassing us. =/

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    so much truth,but i’m glad that those who follow me are super nice&open minded about everything so no hate has been sent...
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