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How far along was everyone when they had their first baby?

According to my childbirth class instructor, first pregnancies last an average of 41.3 weeks.

It seems like most people I follow on here have had their baby either before or right around their due date. I’ve only encountered a few that have gone to 41 weeks or beyond. So I kind of wonder how true this statistic is, or if I just happen to be surrounded by people who aren’t “average” :PĀ 

  1. curiouscurses answered: I am 40 weeks tday
  2. flirtyspock answered: I had my son around 39 weeks!
  3. felakutie answered: 39wks 2days
  4. batmomma said: At 41 weeks and 2 days I had Noah. I was over due and had high blood pressure so they were to induce me but got a membrane sweep, went in labor 12 hours later needed Pitocin, another 12 hours and ended up needing a c-section.
  5. mysunshineandlittlerain answered: My waters started to leak on my due date. By time he was induced and born it was 40+3. My SIL was 41+something with both her kids. x
  6. momof3b0ys said: 38 wks both pregnancies
  7. pieconspiracy answered: 32 weeks. No where near the average.
  8. raisinglittleghouls answered: 40 weeks & 2 days :]
  9. sandraandra answered: I was 41 wks!
  10. baaby-maama answered: 35 weeks because of complications.
  11. organicmommy answered: 42 weeks exactly
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